About Us

USComputers, Inc. is a Technology Solution Provider, providing hi-tech services and products to build manage and enhance distributed computing environment. USComputers is a full service, customer oriented, successful Computer Resource Management Company with a strong focus on Major Account Sales and Service to Government and Corporate customers. In order to build a foundation for a strategic, long-term business relationship, USComputers provides a comprehensive, competitive and totally integrated service offering to meet customer requirements. USComputers is one of the most successful provider of hi-tech computer services solutions to multi-site, multi locations customers. USComputers is tactically ready and strategically positioned to meet the numerous business requirements of our customers.

USComputers ability to deliver a combination of high level products and services on a consistent basis, creates a synergistic effect that strengthens vendor/client relationship. USComputers capabilities include:

  • Timely and effective delivery of integrated multi-manufacturer's systems
  • Ability to provide fully configured and quality controlled (tested) systems
  • Ability to work closely with customers, on product forecasts
  • Consultation regarding product selection
  • Maintenance support as well as competitive pricing
  • LAN & WAN project management and implementation